O2 Monitor 0-25% for Vacuum and Gas Lines - Air check O2 KF25

  • O2 Monitor 0-25% for Vacuum and Gas Lines
  • O2 Monitor 0-25% for Vacuum and Gas Lines
  • O2 Monitor 0-25% for Vacuum and Gas Lines
  • O2 Monitor 0-25% for Vacuum and Gas Lines
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• Range: 0-25% Oxygen
• Sampling Method: Diffusion
• Accuracy: ± 1% of reading
• Operating Temperature​: -40 to +50°C​
• Display​: ¾" backlit LCD digital display, 3 Alarm LED's​
• Sensor Type​: Long life zirconium oxide sensor​
• Sensor Life​: 10+ years under normal conditions​
• Power Requirements​: 24VDC 250mA​

  • Model Number: Air check O2 KF25
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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Product Specification

Oxygen Monitor KF25, 0-25% with 10+ Year Sensor
Item #: 99035

O2 Monitor 0-25% for Vacuum and Gas Lines Product Summary
This is a specialized monitor for use in a vacuum environment. Our 10+ year zirconium oxide sensor can be mounted inside the vacuum and the monitor is either connected via KF25 flange or connected using a 10ft cable.

O2 Monitor 0-25% for Vacuum and Gas Lines Features
• Operates in slight vacuum
• KF25 flange connector
• No maintenance Zirconium cell
• No calibration required
• 3 year warranty
• No drift to environmental or temperature changes
• 10+ year Sensor life
• Local digital display, 4-20mA output
• Joystick adjustable dual alarm relays
• Integral computer controlled electronics
• C UL listed Measuring Equipment E363306
• Ce approved EMC EN 61326-1:2006, EN 61010-1-3-2013 LVD

The Air check O2 Deficiency Monitor is a compact gas monitoring system that's ideal for the continuous monitoring of continuous monitoring of gas lines, 3D printers, nitrogen gas compressors, vacuum chambers, and locations where low oxygen levels need to be monitored. Unlike electrochemical sensor cells, the Air check O2 zirconium cell provides stable oxygen readings even in areas where temperature and humidity levels are changing. And, the Air check O2 is one of the only monitors suitable for monitoring directly in a vacuum.

The heart of the monitoring system is a long lasting zirconium sensor, which detects low oxygen conditions within seconds and provides accurate measurements over a wide temperature and humidity range. The zirconium O2 sensor cell will operate continuously for 10 or more years and requires an absolute minimum of maintenance. There are no zero or span calibration pots to adjust and when compared to disposable type sensors, our long life zirconium O2 sensor can save up to $475 annually and will pay for itself in just over 3 years!

The Air check unique sensor mounts directly into chambers or load locks through the use of a KF type vacuum fitting. Monitoring oxygen directly under vacuum eliminates the need to change the environment back to ambient and can improve thru put. The Air check O2 Deficiency Monitor also provides stable readings even in areas that contain high electro-magnetic fields.

O2 Monitor 0-25% for Vacuum and Gas Lines Specifications

0-25% Oxygen. (Other ranges available)
Sampling Method
Diffusion (supplied with KF 25 vacuum fitting. Other sizes available)
Accuracy   ± 1% of reading
Operating Temperature
-40 to +50°C
¾" backlit LCD digital display, 3 Alarm LED's
Sensor Type
Long life zirconium oxide sensor
Sensor Life
10+ years under normal conditions
Signal Outputs
Standard: 4-20 mA analog
Optional: Dual User Selectable Relays (2amp 24 VDC / 24VAC)
Power Requirements
24VDC 250mA
5.0 (W) x 5.5 (H) x 3.25 (D) inches; (127 x 140 x 83 mm)
1.6 lbs. (.8 kg)
Required calibration
None (no zero or span pots supplied)
C UL Listed
Measuring Equipment E363306
EN 61000-3-2:2006 EMC, EN 61000-3-3:2008 EMC, EN61010-1-3-2013 LVD

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