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OFweek mall is an e-commerce platform established by OFweek, a Chinese portal website of high-tech industries. All products are supplied by the original manufacturers of globally famous brands instead of resale by any third party. Working with the original manufacturers, OFweek Mall provides high-tech industry users with favorable prices, fast delivery, efficient technical support and valid quality assurance.

OFweek is a comprehensive web portal in Chinese high-tech industry with over 10 million members across various fields. Its information covers a wide range of advanced technologies, including lighting, LED, solar PV, optical communication, laser, optics, display, electronics engineering, industrial control, robots, smart grid, instrument and meter, sensor, energy conservation and environmental protection, wind power, power supply, lithium battery, electric power, telecommunication, Internet of Things (IOT), cloud computing, 3D printing, smart home, wearable device, new energy vehicle, and medical technology, etc. OFweek can help our users to collect data and industrial research reports, hold conferences, activities and webinars, implement advertisement and domestic, as well as providing services on HR, industry consulting and investment and financing, etc. By now, OFweek has become the fastest growing industrial comprehensive e-commerce platform in China.

Technology changes the world. Appealing excellent suppliers and reputable brandes to join us, OFweek will be the most valuable partner of our customers.