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  • Gasoline Engine Tachometer

    Gasoline Engine Tachometer - SM8237

    SM8237 Gasoline Engine Tachometer, Inductive type measure the engine speed by noncontact. Measuring the temperature cooling water in engine by contact.

  • Photo/Contact Tachometer

    Photo/Contact Tachometer - DT6236B

    DT6236B Photo/Contact Tachometer, 5 digits 18mm (0.6") White backlight LCD, Accuracy: ±(0.05%+1 digit) of reading.

  • Photo Tachometer

    Photo Tachometer - SM6234E

    SM6234E Photo Tachometer, 5 digital, 18mm LCD, Range: 2.5~99999 RPM, 0.05~1666 Hz, 1~99999 Count, Detecting Distance: 50mm - 500mm.

  • Photo/Contact Tachometer

    Photo/Contact Tachometer - SM6236E

    SM6236E Photo/Contact Tachometer, 5 digits 18mm (0.6") Yellow backlight LCD, Detecting Distance: 50~500mm.

  • Stroboscope

    Stroboscope - DT2240B

    This tachometer use the microcomputer(CPU) technique, photoelectrical technique and LCD for one instrument combine PHOTOTACH & MOTION & SURFACE MAR.

  • Photo Tachometer (Laser)

    Photo Tachometer (Laser) - SM2234A

    SM2234A Photo Tachometer (Laser), Display 5digit 18mm LCD, Detecting Distance: 50mm-500mm, Range: 2.5~99999 RPM.

  • Contact Tachometer

    Contact Tachometer - DT6235B

    Contact Tachometer DT6235B, Display: 5digits 18mm(0.6") Yellow green backlight LCD Accuracy: ±(0.05%+1 digit).

  • Photo/Contact Tachometer

    Photo/Contact Tachometer - DT2236B

    Photo/Contact Tachometer DT2236B, 5 digits 18mm (0.6") LCD, Accuracy: ±(0.05%+1 digit), Detecting Distance: 50~500mm.

  • Multi-Functional Recording Tachometer

    Multi-Functional Recording Tachometer - SM8238

    Multi-Functional Recording Tachometer SM8238, Measure Range: 2.5~99,999RPM, Measurable speed(RPM), frequency(Hz), with the accumulated date function.

  • Photo Tachometer

    Photo Tachometer - DT6234B

    Photo Tachometer DT6234B, Display: 5digital, 18mm LCD, Accuracy: ± (0.05%+1digital) of reading.

  • Contact Tachometer

    Contact Tachometer - DT2235A

    Contact Tachometer DT2235A, 5 digits 18mm (0.6") White backlight LCD, Accuracy: ±(0.05%+1 digit) of reading.

  • Contact Tachometer

    Contact Tachometer - SM2235A

    Contact Tachometer SM2235A, 5 digits 18mm (0.6") White backlight LCD. Measuring Range: CONTACT TACH: 0.5~19,999RPM; SURFACE SPEED: 0.05~1,999,9m/min