Temperature & RH Detector/Controller - TKG-TH Series

  • Temperature & RH Detector/Controller
  • Temperature & RH Detector/Controller
  • Temperature & RH Detector/Controller
  • Temperature & RH Detector/Controller
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• Temperature​ Measuring range​: -20°C~60°C(default)​
• Humidity​ Measuring range​: 0 -100%RH​
• Temperature​ Accuracy​: ±0.5°C (20~40°C)​
• Humidity Accuracy​: ±4.5%RH (25°C​, 15%-85%RH)​
• Protection​ class​: IP40​
• Power supply​: 24VAC±10% or 230VAC±10% selectable​
• Storage Temperature​: 20°C-60°C
• Storage Humidity 5%RH~70%RH non condensing​

  • Model Number: TKG-TH Series
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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Product Specification

Temperature & RH Detector/Controller

TKG-TH Series Temperature & RH Detector/Controller Features
• Designed for detection temperature and relative humidity
• High accuracy sensors with combined temperature and relative humidity together with the digital auto compensation
• Outside sensing probe design for measurements more accurate, no influence from components heating
• Special white backlit LCD can be selected with displaying both actual humidity and temperature
• Smart structure for easy disassembly
• Provide three types of wall mounting and duct mounting, and split type
• Provide up to two dry contact outputs with each 5amp
• Friendly operation buttons for setup and operating
• Modbus RS485 communication optional
• ZigBee wireless optional
• CE-Approval

TKG-TH Series Temperature & RH Detector/Controller Typical Applications
• High end HVAC systems
• Ventilation systems
• Detection and display temperature and RH measurements
• Control temperature and humidity devices
• Modbus communication systems
• Wireless receiving and transmission of temperature& RH

TKG-TH Series Temperature & RH Detector/Controller Specifications

±0.5°C (20~40°C)
±4.5%RH (25°C, 15%-85%RH)
Measuring range
selectable in orders
0 -100%RH
Display resolution
±1%RH per year
Storage environment
20°C-60°C, 5%RH~70%RH non condensing
Screw terminals / wire diameter:1.5mm2
PC/ABS fireproof material
Protection class
2 x 5Amp dry contacts
RS485 interface (option)
Modbus RS485 interface optional
Wireless module (option)
ZigBee protocol
Power supply
24VAC±10% or 230VAC±10% selectable
Power cost
230V: ≤2.8W; 24V: ≤2.0W
Wall mounting: 85(W) x 100(H) x 50(D)mm + 65mm (extend outside) x ø 19.0mm
Duct mounting: 85(W) x 100(H) x 50(D)mm + 135mm (sensor probe) x ø 19.0mm
Net weight
Wall mounting: 280g
Duct mounting: 290g

TKG-TH Series Temperature & RH Detector/Controller Models Guide
TKG-TH- A 0 C D Y -Tab
the sensor installation type

1: wall mounted with the external sensor in an adown probe
2: probe duct mounted
3: split sensor with 2 meters cable connection
relay dry contact output

0: no dry contact output
1: 1xdry contact output (for humidity control)
2: 2xdry contact outputs (for humidity and temperature control)
Communication option

0: no communication
1: Modbus RS485 interface
2: with ZigBee wireless module
power supply

F: 24VAC power supply
A: 230VAC power supply
temperature range

T26: -20°C~60°C (default)
T05: 0°C~50°C
T06: 0°C~60°C

With Tab: the temperature range is -20°C~60°C (default)

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