Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor - FOP-MIV

  • Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor
  • Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor
  • Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor
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• EM/RF/MW interference complete immunity
• Miniature and rugged sensor for pressure measurements
• High performance and reliability
• High accuracy and repeatability
• Very low drift and thermal shift
• Fast response time
• Sterilizable

  • Model Number: FOP-MIV
  • Data Sheet: Date Sheet File
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Product Specification

FOP-MIV Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor Description
The FOP-MIV has been especially designed and tested to fulfill the highest of medical performance requirements. Its applications range from human body fluid pressure measurements, for intervention in hospital critical care units, to animal testing in high EMI environments.
It is available off the shelf for standard applications or it can be customized to suit OEM-specific applications.

FOP-MIV Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor Features:
• EM/RF/MW interference complete immunity
• Miniature and rugged sensor for pressure measurements
• High performance and reliability
• High accuracy and repeatability
• Very low drift and thermal shift
• Fast response time
• Sterilizable

FOP-MIV Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor Applications:
• Cardiovascular: LV pressure, arterial BP
• Pharmacology: Drug and Fluid injection
• Neurosciences: Intracranial pressure
• Spine - Intradiscal pressure
• Bone - Intramedullary pressure
• Urology - Bladder/Ureter pressure
• MRI RFI Gating - Arterial blood pressure or LV pressure for image gating
• Respiratory / Pulmonology
• Otorhinolaryngology: Inner ear pressure
• Ophthalmology: Intraocular pressure
• Gastro intestinal

FOP-MIV Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor SPECIFICATIONS

Pressure Range
-300mmHg to 300mmHg
-300mmHg to 7500mmHg
System Accuracy
Zero thermal effect
-0.4mmHg / °C
3 mmHg/°C
Proof pressure
>22 500mmHg
Cable Sheathing
Nylon Sheathing, OD: 0.9 mm
Tip Termination
Bare / Sheathed / Sheathed with gel / Custom design
Standard Sensor Length
2 Meters
SCAI, SCAI is a SCA connector with smart chip communicating
calibrating data to the signal reading module

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