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laptops/Notebooks, Mobile phones, Plasma, LCD TV, Digital camera, DvD players, Mp4

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Realex .spol.sro


We are Europe(Czech) based trading company on digital products. provide MP4 player, Plasma& LCD TV, Laptops& Notebooks **We reliable** We have lots of experience ...


break resistor, dummy load resistor, power resistor, resistor, crane, frequency inverter

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We are small company with own construction and production capacities. oriented to offer short time delivery great variability in product range. make custom needed solutions ...


security, defence, expndable batons, stun guns, anti-riot shields, anti-riot batons, police tonfas, expandable tonfas, pepper sprays

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EXIM - Consulting

[Manufacturer, Organization, Other]

We are the leading manufacturer and exporting company for security products in Europe. All of our stun guns have been patented there is 2 years guarantee all types also HARDENED police ...

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