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Mining, Forestry, Power Generation, Marine

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[Manufacturer, Importer, Distributor/Wholesaler, Education]

PROODES SpA: We specialize in providing solutions, supplying technical equipment, components and spare parts in time for anywhere in the world.


aluminum easy peel off lid / easy open ends making, aluminum foil easy peelable end lid making machine, peel off easy open end maker, milk, yogurt, butter, jelly, coffee, soy sauce, pe, filling and sealing machine, Peel-off End Manufacturing Machine, Machine for Peel-off End, Peel Off Easy Open End Maker machine, Easy Open Ends Making Machine, Round “Peel-off” ends with Transparent Plastic Membrane Making Machine

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[Manufacturer, Importer, Distributor/Wholesaler, Retailer, Maintenance, Engineering/Tech Design, Education, Government, Research group, Consultant, Agent, Service, Sourcing Office, Organization, Other]

Since its established in 2006, Hangzhou Sunking machinery Co., Ltd. has been line with the concept of "science and technology, excellence, integrity management, industry serve ...

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