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Is2020 Lvpsg1AE (IS2020 LVPSG1AE)

Model Number: IS2020 LVPSG1AE
Country of Origin: USA
Minimum Order:1
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Is2020 Lvpsg1AE

Product Specifications/Features
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    Zhongxinda Automation is a company that professionally engaged in large system DCS spare parts supply.
    We have different InStock products in high quality that we can supply promptly with a fair price.
    We also provide safely expresses with responsibility and credit in a fast delivery period.

    We currently stock over 12000+ branded products.
    1 year Warranty for all.
    ---Invensys Foxboro:
    I/A Series system, FBM(input / output modules) Sequence control, ladder logic control, Recalling accident treatment, The digital-to-analog converter input/output signal processing, Data munication and processing, and etc.
    ---Invensys Triconex:
    Redundancy fault tolerant control system, Based on the three module redundancy (TMR) structure of the most modern fault-tolerant Controller.
    OVATIONN system, WDPF system, WESStation system card.
    Quantum 140 Series processor, control card, Power module and so on.
    ---Rockwell Allen-Bradley:
    Reliance, SLC500/1747/1746, MicroLogix/ 1761/ 1763/ 1762/ 1766/ 1764, pactLogix/1769/1768,Logix5000/1756/1789/1794/1760/1788, PLC-5/1771/1785 and etc.
    --- Industrial robot parts of DSQC series, Bailey INFI90, etc.
    ---Siemens: Siemens MOORE, Siemens Simatic C1, Siemens numerical control system, etc.
    ---Motorola: MVME162, MVME167, MVME1772 and MVME177 series.
    ---XY: I/O, VME Plate and processor an etc.
    ---GE FANUC: Module, card, drive various kinds of spare parts,etc.
    ---Yaskawa: Servo controller, servo motor, servo driver, etc.
    ---Bosch Rexroth: Indramat, I/O module, PLC controller, drive module.
    ---Woodward: SPC valve position controller, PEAK15 digital controller.

    Theyre some of our branded products:
    DSDX110 YB161102-AH/3
    DSDX180 3BSE003859R1
    DSDX180A 3BSE018297R1
    DSDX452 5716075-P
    DSDX-B001 57160001-TP/1
    DSMB110 5736 0001A/4
    DSMB112 57360001EV/1, 57360001EV/2
    DSMB115 57360001-CO/5
    DSMB116 5736 0001-EB/2
    DSMB123 5736 0001-AH3
    DSMB124 57360001-U/3
    DSMB-124 57360001-U/3
    DSMB125 5736001-AW/3
    DSMB127 57360001-HG/2
    DSMB133 5736 0001-CY
    DSMB137 5736 0001-FA
    DSMB144 5730032G
    DSMB151 5736 0001-K
    DSMB175 5736 0001-KG
    DSMB176 57960001-HX
    DSMC110 57330001-N/4
    DSPA110 YB161102-AK/2
    DSPC 153 57310256-BA/2
    DSPC 452 57310303-A
    DSPC-150 57310256-AF/2
    DSPC155 57310001CX5
    DSPC157 57310001-GP
    DSPC172 57310001-ML
    DSPC172H 57310001-MP/2
    DSPU131 3BSE000355R1
    DSQC 123B YB161102-CC
    DSQC 124 YB161102-BU
    DSQC 125 YB161102-BR/1
    DSQC 202 YB560103-AC/5
    DSQC 210 YB560103AM
    DSQC 223 YB560103 BD/4
    DSQC 236B YB560103-CB/8
    DSQC 236C YB560103-CC/10
    DSQC 236D 3HAB2207-1
    DSQC 317 3HAB2220-1
    DSQC 350 3HNE00025-1/07
    DSQC 361 3HAC0373-1
    DSQC103 YB161102-AD/1
    DSQC129 YB161102-BV/1
    DSQC209 YB560103-AL
    DSQC236G YB560103-CD/22
    DSQC249B 3HAA3563-AHA/1
    DSQC-256A 3HAB2211-1/1
    DSQC259 3HAB2205-1
    DSQC315 3HAB22141-1/2
    DSQC326 3HAB2242-1
    DSQT239 E31990
    DSRB110 52841637G
    DSRF150 57310255A
    DSRF160 57310255V
    DSRF180A 57310255-AV
    DSRF186 3BSE004383R1
    DSRF187 3BSE004985R1
    DSRF187A 3BSE014452R1
    DSSA 165 48990001-LY
    DSSB110 48980001E
    DSSB146 48980001-AP/1, DSSB146*BAT2C
    DSSR115 48990001-FE/3
    DSSR116 48990001FK2
    DSSR122 48990001-NK
    DSSR170 48990001-PC
    DSSS171 3BSE005003R1
    DSTA 001 57120001-PX
    DSTA 001B 3BSE018316R1
    DSTA 002B 3BSE018317R1
    DSTA 131 57120001-CV
    DSTA N001 3BNP000044R1
    DSTA N013 3BNP000177R1
    DSTA002P 3BSE018331R1
    DSTC120 57520001-A/2
    DSTC190 57520001-ER/1
    DSTD 160 YB161102-AM/1
    DSTD108 57160001-ABD
    DSTD170 5760001-FH
    DSTD190 3BSE004723R1
    DSTD197 3BSE004726R1
    DSTK126 26390582-AY

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