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H2S-A4 Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor 2018-06-27
Name:H2S-A4 Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor pattern:H2S-A4 Brand:Alphasense Categories:Electrochemical Gas Sensors Information: Information:H2S-A4 Hydrogen Sulf
Dual Sensor Carbon Monoxide Hydrogen Sulfide 2018-06-27
Dual Sensor Carbon Monoxide/Hydrogen Sulfide Description: Alphasense now offers a compact, dual gas sensor which allows designers to reduce significantly
Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor Tgs825 2018-06-27
Hydrogen sulfide sensor TGS825 Description: The TGS 825 has high sensitivity to hydrogen sulfide. The sensor can detect concentrations of hydrogen sulfide
Air Quality Sensor of Ozone Sensor 0-20ppm OX-A431 (Ozone + Nitrogen Dioxide) 2018-06-27
Name:OX-A431 Oxidising Gas Sensor (Ozone + Nitrogen Dioxide) pattern:OX-A431 Brand:Alphasense Categories:Electrochemical Gas Sensors Information: Spe
No2-A1 Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor 2018-06-27
NO2-A1 Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor Specifications: 1) Range:20ppm 2) Sensitivity:-400~ -750nA/ppm 3) Response time:< 40s 4) Linearity: 1.5ppm 5)
Hcl-A1 Hydrogen Chloride Sensor 2018-06-27
HCL-A1 Hydrogen Chloride Sensor specifications: 1) sensitivity: 90~160nA/ppm 2) responstime < 200s 3) resolution: 0.2ppm 4) size: Φ20.2*16.5 5)
Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor(Fixed) H2S-B1 2018-06-27
Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor(Fixed) H2S-B1 Parameter of Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor: 1) Measurement range 0-200ppm 2) Overgas range: 500ppm 3) Sensitivity 300-
Irm-AT Methane Infrared Sensor 2018-06-27
Name: IRM-AT Methane Infrared Sensor pattern: IRM-AT Brand: Alphasense Categories: Electrochemical Gas Sensors Information: In
Precalibrated Gas Sensor Module 2018-06-27
AMS2000-2600 - Precalibrated Gas Sensor Module Specifications 1) Target gas: deoxidizing gases in air contaminants 2) Input voltage: 5.0±0.2v DC 3) P
Irc-A1 Carbon Dioxide Infrared Sensor 2018-06-27
IRC-A1 CARBON DIOXIDE INFRARED SENSOR Range: 0-5000ppm 0-5%vol 0-20%vol 0-100%vol FS Resolution : 15ppm 100ppm 500ppm 0.5%vol Accuracy : 1%FS 1.5%F
CO Sensor TGS5141 2018-06-27
Descriptions of TGS5141 : 一、CO sensor TGS5141 Main Specifications : 1 ) Typical detection range : 0-5000ppm 2 ) Outpu
Carbon Monoxide Sensor Tgs5042 2018-06-27
Carbon Monoxide sensor TGS5042 Description: Figaro’s TGS5042 is a battery operable electrochemical sensor which offer several advantages over traditional
No-A1 Nitric Oxide Sensor 2018-06-27
NO-A1 Nitric Oxide Sensor Specifications 1) sensitivity:320-480nA/ppm 2) Response time:< 45s 3) Linearity: +15 to +25 4) Overgas limit:800ppm 5
O2I-Flex Oxygen Interface 2018-06-27
O2I-Flex Oxygen Interface Features: 1) Provides the electronics necessary to power and control SST’s range of dynamic oxygen sensors 2) High accuracy l
Chlorofluorocarbons (Cfc'S) Sensor Tgs832 2018-06-27
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) sensor TGS832 Description: The TGS 832 has high sensitivity to R-134a, the most promising alternative to R-12, commonly used
Methane Gas Sensor Module Fsm-T-01 2018-06-27
Name: Methane gas sensor module FSM-T-01 pattern: FSM-T-01 Brand: FIGARO Categories: Semiconductor Gas Sensors
O2-G1 Oxygen Sensor 2018-06-27
O2-G1 Oxygen Sensor Specifications: 1) output: 65 - 85 μA (@ 20.9% O2) 2) response time t90(s): < 18S 3) operating life: > 1years 4) weight: < 7g
So2-A4 Sulfur Dioxide Sensor 2018-06-27
Name: SO2-A4 Sulfur Dioxide Sensor pattern: SO2-A4 Brand: Alphasense Categories: Electrochemical Gas Sensors Information: In
Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor H2S-Ae 2018-06-27
Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor H2S-AE Parameter of Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor: 1) Measurement range 0-2000ppm 2) Overgas range: 10000ppm 3) Sensitivity 70-100nA
Hydrogen Gas Sensor Tgs821 2018-06-27
Hydrogen Gas sensor TGS821 ——special sensor for Hydrogen Gas Features of Hydrogen Gas sensor TGS821: Detection range ; 10-10000ppm Circuit voitage : 5
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