New Products of Laser

  • GS-1160 Spectroradiometer

    GS-1160 Spectroradiometer

    21 Jul 2017,10:54

    The GS-1160 compact, lightweight handheld spectroradiometer/flicker meter from Gamma Scientific is designed for accurate and repeatable display measurements.

  • Optics-Clipped Adjustable Optical Mounts

    Optics-Clipped Adjustable Optical Mounts

    20 Jul 2017,14:47

    Siskiyou Corp. has expanded its range of adjustable optical mounts, which are compatible with their unique, low-distortion optics clip.

  • Laser Assemblies

    Laser Assemblies

    19 Jul 2017,09:23

    ModeStrip assemblies from Laser Components GmbH allow for effective transmission of high-power laser light through optical fibers.

  • High-Power Blue Laser

    18 Jul 2017,11:41

    Laser 2000 has announced the NUBURU AO150 high-power laser in the blue wavelength range, allowing the coupling of laser diodes into a high-performance fiber.

  • 1270-nm Handheld Laser Device

    18 Jul 2017,10:50

    SemiNex Corp. has announced a 1270-nm handheld laser device for medical use.

  • Phosphate Laser Glass

    Phosphate Laser Glass

    18 Jul 2017,10:11

    APG-760 phosphate laser glass from Schott AG is made for high-performance applications at 1.05 µm.

  • Fiber Coupler

    Fiber Coupler

    17 Jul 2017,10:16

    The Fiber to Fiber Coupler from Coherent Inc. enables the use of replaceable, process fiber optic cables to protect the fiber laser’s integral components from optomechanical damage.

  • Diode-Pumped, Solid-State Laser

    Diode-Pumped, Solid-State Laser

    14 Jul 2017,16:15

    Diode-Pumped, Solid-State LaserThe AVIA LX 355-20 from Coherent Inc. is q-switched, diode-pumped, solid-state (DPSS) laser offering a longer operating lifetime than competitive products at similar power levels.

  • Laser Beam Propagation System

    Laser Beam Propagation System

    14 Jul 2017,15:22

    The Ophir BeamSquared 2.0, the newest version of the company's M2 laser beam propagation system is a robust, portable device.

  • Laser Toolkit

    Laser Toolkit

    12 Jul 2017,11:04

    The Multi-Color Smart Module from Versalume LLC is a laser toolkit with three integrated lasers and eight sensors in one form factor.

  • Industrial Femtosecond Hybrid Fiber Laser

    Industrial Femtosecond Hybrid Fiber Laser

    12 Jul 2017,10:52

    The Spectra-Physics Spirit 1030-100 industrial femtosecond hybrid fiber laser from MKS Instruments Inc. delivers >100-W IR power and >100-J pulse energy with ultrashort <400-fs pulses for fast, highest-quality micromachining.

  • Solid-State Laser

    Solid-State Laser

    12 Jul 2017,10:07

    Photonics Industries International Inc. has announced a diode-pumped, solid-state laser, which is a sub-ns laser alternative for novel laser-based materials processing and R&D.

  • White Light Lasers

    White Light Lasers

    11 Jul 2017,10:40

    SuperK EVO white light lasers from NKT Photonics AS are ideal for OEM integration in demanding commercial applications.

  • Fluid-Cooled Laser Diode Array

    10 Jul 2017,10:04

    The T6Air from Lasertel is a lightweight fluid-cooled laser diode array designed with micro-optic technology, replacing bulky waveguides to offer a compact, lighter solution for handheld medical devices.

  • Q-Switched Lasers

    Q-Switched Lasers

    10 Jul 2017,09:44

    The Nano TRLi DP series from Litron Inc. comprises a set of fully diode-pumped, electro-optically Q-switched pulsed Nd:YAG lasers with output energies of up to 170 mJ and repetition rates of up to 200 Hz.

  • Blue Wavelength Laser

    Blue Wavelength Laser

    08 Jul 2017,10:32

    The Nuburu AO150 is a high-power laser in the blue wavelength range from Laser 2000 GmbH.

  • Distributed Feedback Laser

    08 Jul 2017,09:31

    The 795-nm DFB laser from Eagleyard Photonics GmbH is a distributed feedback laser that expands the choice for Rubidium spectroscopy and related applications such as optically pumped atomic clocks.

  • Laser Interferometry System

    07 Jul 2017,15:10

    The Verifire HDX laser interferometer system from Zygo Corp. features ultrahigh spatial resolution and advanced imaging for measuring surface form and transmitted wavefront of high-performance optical components and systems.

  • Ultrashort Pulse Lasers

    Ultrashort Pulse Lasers

    07 Jul 2017,14:17

    The PicoOne and PicoMega ultrashort pulse lasers from Teem Photonics use the MOFA laser platform.

  • Laser Controller

    Laser Controller

    04 Jul 2017,08:54

    The latest version of the Agni laser controller and its associated LinkMotion driver software has been announced by Solustan Inc.

  • Retrofit Table Laser System

    Retrofit Table Laser System

    31 May 2017,15:21

    The Micro-LAM Optimus T+1 Laser from Novotech Inc. is a retrofit table system to standard diamond turning machines.

  • Pulsed Laser Wavelength Meters

    26 May 2017,15:02

    The 871 Series of Pulsed Laser Wavelength Meters from Bristol Instruments Inc. can measure accuracies as high as ± 0.2 parts/million.

  • High-Power Laser Modules

    High-Power Laser Modules

    26 May 2017,11:08

    The LCW/SCW series of high-power laser modules from OSI Laser Diode Inc. is designed for optical testing.

  • QDH20 Optical Encoder

    QDH20 Optical Encoder

    19 May 2017,14:15

    The QDH20 industrial-grade optical encoder from Quantum Devices Inc. provides an improved feedback solution in applications that typically use a standard size 20 package.

  • White Light Show Laser System

    White Light Show Laser System

    19 May 2017,09:41

    The Tarm DOT from Laserworld AG is a white light RGB show laser system with starry sky effect for professional use.

  • Multi-Projector Laser System

    Multi-Projector Laser System

    18 May 2017,15:05

    The RTI NEO ONE laser unit from Laserworld AG is a multi-projector laser system that provides a modular effect for professional productions.

  • TECHSPEC LC Fixed YAG Beam Expanders

    TECHSPEC LC Fixed YAG Beam Expanders

    12 May 2017,14:39

    The TECHSPEC LC Fixed YAG Beam Expanders from Edmund Optics Inc. use a simple, two-element Galilean design to provide cost-effective, diffraction-limited performance at the design beam diameter of 1 to 2 mm.

  • Copper Laser Photomask

    11 May 2017,10:36

    The Copper Photomask from HTA Photomask provides additional heat dissipation when used with high-heat-producing lasers or conventional light sources.

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