New Products of Automation

  • CMOS Cameras

    CMOS Cameras

    4 hours ago

    The Baumer Group has announced the CX models of Sony Pregius CMOS cameras with a 1-µs exposure time.

  • Rigid Photomacrography System

    Rigid Photomacrography System

    5 hours ago

    The Macropod PETROGRAPHIC from Macroscopic Solutions LLC is a rigid photomacrography system that allows slides or thin sections to be imaged and analyzed in plain light and cross polarized light.

  • Holographic Microscope

    Holographic Microscope

    21 Jul 2017,10:36

    The HT-2 holographic microscope from Tomocube Inc. displays both 3D holograms and 3D fluorescence imaging.

  • BX53 Microscope

    BX53 Microscope

    20 Jul 2017,11:11

    The BX53 microscope from Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG provides bright, sharp images with excellent color rendering performance equivalent to halogen lamps.

  • Spectrometer


    18 Jul 2017,09:17

    The Progeny ResQ analyzer from Rigaku Analytical Devices Inc. is a spectrometer for first responders.

  • Image Sensor

    Image Sensor

    15 Jul 2017,10:20

    An RGB-IR version of the ON Semiconductor AR0237 image sensor has been announced by Framos GmbH and is designed for applications needing both visible and NIR light.

  • Smart IR Thermal Imaging Camera

    Smart IR Thermal Imaging Camera

    15 Jul 2017,09:40

    The EyeCheck Thermo IR Camera from EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH is a smart thermal imaging camera with EyeVision Thermo software.

  • Laser Power Sensors

    Laser Power Sensors

    11 Jul 2017,09:29

    MKS Instruments Inc. has announced a line of high-damage-threshold laser power sensors designed for continuous wave lasers with high-power densities and pulse lasers.

  • Linescan SWIR InGaAs Detectors

    Linescan SWIR InGaAs Detectors

    03 Jul 2017,08:56

    The XLIN-FC series of linescan SWIR InGaAs detectors from Xenics NV use flip-chip type hybridization.

  • Redundancy technology helps prevent failure in end products

    Redundancy technology helps prevent failure in end products

    26 Jun 2017,14:28

    Molex has introduced Micro-Fit TPA Single- and Dual-Row Receptacles and Cable Assemblies designed to prevent failures due to terminal back-out and provide a secondary terminal retention feature.

  • Light Section Sensor

    Light Section Sensor

    21 Jun 2017,08:54

    Light Section SensorSmartRunner solutions from Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH combine light section and vision sensors in one device.

  • OEM fibre optic temperature sensor shown at Sensors Expo 2017

    OEM fibre optic temperature sensor shown at Sensors Expo 2017

    15 Jun 2017,14:19

    OEM fibre optic temperature sensor shown at Sensors Expo 2017

  • Electron-Multiplying CCD Camera

    Electron-Multiplying CCD Camera

    07 Jun 2017,08:57

    The ProEM-HS:1KBX3-10μm electron-multiplying CCD camera from Princeton Instruments is a fast, high-resolution, 1-million-pixel device.

  • Miniaturized Multi-Channel Detectors

    Miniaturized Multi-Channel Detectors

    03 Jun 2017,10:10

    The LRM-284 miniaturized multi-channel detectors from Infratec GmbH feature a TO39 housing.

  • Durable surface-mount socket for advanced automated assembly

    Durable surface-mount socket for advanced automated assembly

    02 Jun 2017,15:19

    Hi-rel connector and SMT board hardware manufacturer, Harwin, has announced its new SYCAMORE surface-mount socket which provides what it claims to be superior pin retention and durability for high-volume applications manufactured using advanced automated systems.

  • UHF RFID 4 field reader has built-in M12 and M8 connectors

    UHF RFID 4 field reader has built-in M12 and M8 connectors

    01 Jun 2017,11:57

    With the addition of a new version of the 4 Field Reader, HARTING has expanded its UHF RFID product range for demanding industrial and rail sector applications, featuring built-in M8 and M12 connectors to complement its range of RFID solutions.

  • NIR Imaging System

    NIR Imaging System

    31 May 2017,14:23

    The Amersham Typhoon NIR Plus is the latest modular and upgradable NIR imaging system from GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business.

  • Angular position sensors target industrial markets

    Angular position sensors target industrial markets

    27 May 2017,15:16

    Manufacturer of electromechanical switch and sensor solutions for the industrial market sector, ZF Switches & Sensors, can now offer designers a complete range of angular position sensors based on Hall Effect technology which responds to magnetic fields generated by a (rare-earth) magnet.

  • Strain sensors support load measurements

    Strain sensors support load measurements

    27 May 2017,11:14

    The Micro-Measurements brand of Vishay Precision Group has announced the introduction of its S5060 Series, a line of Transducer Class multi-grid advanced strain sensors.

  • Industrial Cameras

    Industrial Cameras

    26 May 2017,14:01

    Baumer Holding AG has announced an upgrade for its CX industrial camera series with the latest CMOS sensors and up to 12-MP resolution.

  • RGB Line Scan Camera

    RGB Line Scan Camera

    26 May 2017,11:36

    Chromasens GmbH has announced the allPIXA wave 15K, a trilinear, true-color RGB line scan camera with >15,000 pixels.

  • Radiometer

    23 May 2017,14:42

    The RM9-Thz Radiometer from Ophir has been announced by MKS Instruments Inc.

  • IR Cameras

    IR Cameras

    23 May 2017,11:42

    The ZephIR line of IR cameras from Photon Etc. Inc. encompasses InGaAs and HgCdTe super-sensitive detectors up to a wavelength of 1.7, 2.5 or 2.9 μm.

  • IR Temperature Pyrometer

    IR Temperature Pyrometer

    23 May 2017,10:46

    Process Sensors Corp. has announced the PSC-T54L self-contained, one-color, noncontact IR temperature pyrometer for general purpose industrial applications.

  • Uncooled LWIR Camera and Cores

    Uncooled LWIR Camera and Cores

    22 May 2017,15:08

    The Calibir DX series of uncooled LWIR cameras and camera cores from Teledyne Dalsa Inc. feature a compact design and low weight for integration into tights spaces and low-profile solutions.

  • Rotary Air Bearing Stages

    Rotary Air Bearing Stages

    19 May 2017,10:10

    The A-62x PIglide series of rotary air bearing stages from Physik Instrumente LP have no rolling or sliding elements and deliver frictionless, noncontact motion.

  • USB3 Camera

    USB3 Camera

    17 May 2017,17:17

    The GO-5100-USB camera from JAI Inc. features the 5.1-MP Sony Pregius IMX250 CMOS image sensor and comes with a high-performance USB3 Vision interface that provides full-resolution images at 74 fps.

  • Factory Automation Cameras

    Factory Automation Cameras

    11 May 2017,09:47

    The UI-5260FA and UI-5280FA industrial cameras from IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH are part of the GigE uEye FA series, designed for factory automation.

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