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Foxboro IA DCS distributed control system

Country of Origin: China
Export Markets:
  • North America
  • South America
  • Eastern Europe
  • Southeast Asia
  • Africa
  • Oceania
  • Mid East
  • Eastern Asia
  • Western Europe
  • South Asia
  • Southern Europe
  • Northern Europe
  • Central America
Minimum Order:1
Price/Payment: 1000
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Foxboro IA DCS distributed control system

Product Specifications/Features
    AD204WA Redundancy Adapter For FBM242
    3008 Main Processor
    3625 DO 24 VDC 32 pts TMR Supervised Isolated
    7254 TRISTATION 1131 V4.7.
    7521 SOFTWARE SOE RECORDER V4.2.0.133
    8312 230V AC High Density Power Module
    8501 Blank I/O Slot Cover
    3503E DI 24 VAC/DC 32 pts, TMR Opto-Isolated
    4351B Communication Module with (RJ45) copper
    9563-820 DI Term Panel 24V AC/DC 16 pts Commoned
    9662-620 DO Term Panel 24V DC 16 pts Commoned
    9771-220 AI TP 4-20 mA/500 ohms 16 pts Current Input Comm
    B21100000000 I/A IR Letterbug Configurator
    FCP270 FCP270 Control Processor
    J0200VS SOE software
    K0173ZU Mesh Configuration Tool & Switch/Network Documents
    K0200VS IACC V2.0 Media Kit
    K0200YT V8.x Windows XP & Windows Server 2003 Media Kit
    P0800MW GCIO Cable, Coiled
    P081000000RF 1 x 8 Mounting Structure
    P0903CW Annunciator Keyboard
    P0904AK 50 Series GCIO Interface w/o TS (EC96)
    P0904CV Annunciator Keyboard
    P0914SQ FBM201 Channel Isolated 8 Input 0-20 Ma
    P0914SV FBM203 Channel Isolated 8 Input RTD
    P0914TN FBM211 Differential 16 Input 0-20 mA
    P0914TR FBM217, Discrete Inputs, 32 Channels
    P0914WH FBM207b Ch Isolated 16 DIN 24 Vdc Contact Sense
    P0914XG FBM205 Redundant 0-20 Combo Module
    P0914XS FBM237 Channel Isolated 8 Output 0-20 Ma
    P0914YZ FCM2F communication card
    P0916AA Compression Term Assembly, FBM201
    P0916AC Compression Term Assembly, FBM202
    P0916AE Compression Term Assembly, FBM203
    P0916AJ Compression Term Assembly, FBM205/208
    P0916BT Compression Term Assembly, FBM211, FBM Powered
    P0916BX FBM214/216 Compression Termination Assembly
    P0916CA Compression Term Assembly, FBM217, 15-30 Vdc Vmon
    P0916CC Compression Term Assembly, FBM237
    P0916CQ FBM206 Channel Isolated 8 Input Pulse
    P0916DB FBM2xx Type 1 Term Cable, 1 Meter
    P0916DD FBM2xx Type 1 Term Cable, 5 Meters
    P0916DE FBM2xx Type 1 Term Cable, 10 Meters
    P0916DV FBM2xx Type 2 Term Cable, 1 Meter
    P0916DX FBM2xx Type 2 Term Cable, 5 Meters
    P0916FH FBM2xx Type 4 Term Cable, 1 Meter
    P0916FK FBM2xx Type 4 Term Cable, 5 Meters
    P0916FL FBM2xx Type 4 Term Cable, 10 Meters
    P0916JQ Compression Term Assembly, FBM206
    P0916JS Compression Term Assembly, FBM207b, Contact Sense
    P0916JY Compression Term Assembly, FBM242, 2A 60V fuse Out
    P0916MZ 2 Mbps Base To Base Cable, 1m
    P0916NG Compression Term Assembly, FBM242, 5A Relay Out
    P0916NK 2 Mbps Base To Base Cable, 0.12 m
    P0916NN Redundancy Adapter For FBM205/208
    P0916PW Compression Term Assy, FBM217, Contact Sense
    P0916QD Redundancy Adapter For FBM218/FBM237
    P0916RB Fieldbus Baseplate Terminator
    P0916TA FBM242 Channel Isolated External Source DO
    P0916TQ FCM2F 10KM Fiber Optic Fieldbus Extender
    P0917GY FBM207c Ch Isolated 16 DIN 48 Vdc Contact Sense
    P0917HD FBM223 Profibus DP, 2 Ports
    P0917JA FCM2f communication card
    P0917MF Comp TA FBM207c 48 Vdc Contact Sense
    P0917SY FBM223 Compression Termination Assembly
    P0917XQ Redundancy Adapter For FBM216
    P0917XV FBM215/218 Compression Termination Assembly
    P0917YZ FCP270 Control Processor
    P0922RV FoxView/ FoxDraw V10.x For Windows Media Kit
    P0922VT FBM214, HART Inputs, 8 Channels
    P0922VU FBM215, HART Output, 8 Channels
    P0922VV FBM216, Redundant Ready HART Inputs, 8 Channels
    P0922VW FBM218, Redundant Ready HART Output, 8 Channels
    P0922YU Power Supply, FPS 400-24
    P0924DT Redundancy Adapter For FBM216b
    P0924JH FBM216b Compression Term Assembly, Poly Amide
    P0926CM Power Cable
    P0926CP ZCP270 Control Processor
    P0926DF ZCP270 Or ATS Fault Tolerant Connector
    P0926EQ FBM202 Channel Isolated 8 Input Thermocouple / mV
    P0926GG FBM224, Four Serial Ports
    P0926GH FBM224 / FBM230 / FBM231 Compression PolyAmide TA
    P0926GJ FBM2xx Type 5 HypalonTermination Cable, 1 Meter
    P0926GQ P0926GR
    P0926GS FCM100Et, Field Communication Module w/Fiber Optic & TDR
    P0926GU FBM230, Four Serial Ports, Single
    P0926GV FBM2

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