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Model Number: CS3000
Country of Origin: JAPAN
Export Markets:
  • North America
  • South America
  • Eastern Europe
  • Southeast Asia
  • Africa
  • Oceania
  • Mid East
  • Eastern Asia
  • Western Europe
  • South Asia
  • Southern Europe
  • Northern Europe
  • Central America
Minimum Order:1
Price/Payment: 1000
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Product Specifications/Features
    Yokogawa released CENTUM CS 3000 R3 in 1998 as the first Windows-based production control system under our brand.
    A1BA4D, A1BD5D, A1BR4D, A1BT4D, A2BN3D, A2BN4D, A2BN5D, A2EN402, A2EN404, A2FV50D, A2FV50S, A2KLF00, A2KPB00, A2MMM843, A2MMM843-S, A2NN30D, A2PW503, A2PW504, A2SAP105, A2SDV105, A2SDV505, A2SDV506, A2SMX801, AAB141, AAB842, AAI135, AAI141, AAI143, AAI543, AAI835, AAI841, AAP135, AAP149, AAP849, AAR145, AAR181, AAT141, AAT145, AAV141, AAV142, AAV144, AAV542, AAV544, ACB51, ACB51, ACUKT1, ACUKT2, ADR541, ADV141, ADV142, ADV151, ADV151-E, ADV157, ADV159, ADV161, ADV169, ADV551, ADV557, ADV559, ADV561, ADV569, ADV859, ADV869, AEA3D, AEA4D, AEC4D, AED5D, AEF9D, AEP7D, AEP7D, AEP9D, AEPV7D, AER4D, AET4D, AFV10S, AFV10D, AFV30D, AFV30S, AFV40DAFV40S, AGP813AGP813-SAGS813, AIP830, AIP831, AKBHKU, ALE111ALF111, ALP121ALR111ALR121, ANB10D, ANB10S, ANB11D, ANB11S, ANT10U, ANT401, ANT411, ANT502, ANT512, ARM15A, ARM15A, ARM55C, ARM55D, ARM55T, ARM55W, ARS15B-5 (48 V DC), ARS15B-6 (110 V DC), ARS15M-1 (100 V AC), ARS15M-2 (220 V AC), ARS15M-3 (10-30 V DC), ARS55M-1 (100 V AC), ARS55M-2 (220 V AC), ARS55M-3 (5-60 V DC)ASD143, ASD533, ASI133, ASI533, ASR133, AST143, ATA4D, ATA4S, ATB3A, ATB5D, ATB5S, ATC4S, ATC5S, ATD5A, ATD5D, ATD5S, ATF9S, ATI3A, ATI3D, ATI3S, ATK4A, ATM4A, ATR8D, ATR8S, ATSA3D, ATSA3S, ATSB4D, ATSB4S, ATSD3D, ATSD3S, ATSR3D, ATSR3S, ATSS3D, ATSS3S, ATST4D, ATST4S, ATT4D, ATT4S, ATV4A, AV11000, AVR10D, AW810D, EC401, EC402, LHS5160, LHS5161, LHS6600, MHC-1, MHC-2, MHC-3, MHC-5, MHC-6, MHM-1, MHM-2, MHM-3, MHM-5, MHM-6, MRT, PS40, PS41, PW481, PW482, PW484, PW601, PW602, S9728UV, S9756UV, S9757UV, S9758UV, SCFAN1, SHW5160, SHW5161, SIH6600/SIU6600, SIH6610/SIU6610, SS1WL1C, SS1WL1S, VI702, VP6B1500, VP6B1501, VP6B1550, VP6B1553, VP6B1570, VP6B1591, VP6B2100, VP6C5495, VP6E5000, VP6E5100, VP6E5110, VP6E5150, VP6E5165, VP6E5166, VP6E5170, VP6E5210, VP6E5215, VP6E5216, VP6E5250, VP6E5260, VP6E5420, VP6E5425, VP6E5426, VP6E5427, VP6E5450, VP6E5490, VP6E5800, VP6ELPCK, VP6ESETA, VP6F1200, VP6F1250, VP6F1700, VP6F1705, VP6F1800, VP6F1805, VP6F3100, VP6F3132, VP6F3210, VP6F8620, VP6F9196, VP6F9281, VP6F9291, VP6H1100, VP6H1140, VP6H1150, VP6H2411, VP6H2412, VP6H4000, VP6H4100, VP6H4150, VP6H4190, VP6H4200, VP6H4410, VP6H4420, VP6H4450, VP6H4600, VP6H4700VP6H6510, VP6H6530, VP6H6660, VP6H6710, VP6P6900, VP6P6910, VP6P6920, VP6P6930

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